Why did you decide against using Gamma in a recent project?

hi all,

I thought this could be an interesting topic. I know the devvvvs have a roadmap, with their own strategy in mind. But maybe in reality it’s sometimes just little things which prevent people from using Gamma.

I’ll start:

we have a high-profile project atm which has to go as smoothly as possible. some project constrains changed and therefore we now have to optimize the hell out of the available hardware.

in gamma, we always have to build in order to avoid skia ui overhead, since there is no option to start without UI like in beta. we also wanted to avoid being dependend on the building mechanism. (works well atm but we wanted no surprises)

second reason: Smooth 8k playback 60fps. after testing hap in beta and gamma, as well as all available image sequence players, the choice was to go with NSYNKs texture player.


I’m actually happy with with where the gamma is but two main downsides:

  1. Is overhead in prod gamma vs beta twice or even triple less overhead in terms of production vs time spent

  2. Silent crashes, have few export apps with huge assets, crashing when working 24/7 as exported app…

  3. On site internet access, but that’s debatable

I did small project with brand new .net maui and uff that’s a pain rebuilding and reloading visual studio all the time, and unexpected crashes ;)

i was wondering, why the overhead anyway ? when there is no interaction with the UI like moving/adding nodes and values, the UI should sleep and not redraw all the time. Beta feels more snappy and does thing differently ?

regarding the topic, some touchscreen exhibits need to be done in 4 weeks time, we went for cables as electron webapps and not for gamma because of…

  1. no easy text node for stride but SDFmesh text in cables
  2. no cylinder with cycles in gamma (beta has it) but cables can live extrude a circle with opening, we need this for lots of pie charts stuff
    3.speed, gamma feels sluggish and is heavy on resources, cables is fast and lightweight, compiling and starting cables electron apps is a lot faster
  3. electron apps run more reliable on more devices, gamma exports sometimes didn’t run on some machines as expected incl. crashes
  4. development speed in gamma is slower (my experience) since its more low level than beta and cables. having lots of high level nodes solving larger problems single-handed is less flexible but speeds up the development a lot. and then there is the gamma node browser…the icing on the cake ;)

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