Why can't i connect these pins?

attached is a screenshot of some of the set-up i have.

why can’t i connect the pins that are both labeled “file index?”?

as far as i know they both carry ‘value’ type data… evidently, i’m wrong but what is right?

why.JPG (48.4 kB)

hehe ,)

sooner or later everybody will come to this question. if you connect those pins you have a feedback. the soultion is to connect a FrameDelay (Animation) in between. here is some further reading: Creating Feedback Loops.


thanks tonfilm - the loop thing occured to me, and i forgot to mention that it worked if i disconnected something in the little “loop”.

but it’s not a feedback loop is it? because the value of the slice index is not affected by any of the output values of the ‘filstream’ node.

but, yeah it works, of couse.

fanks again x