Who knows a 3d game engine for vvvv

I’d like to build a virtual world (like in games) which I can walk trough with vvvv.
So I’d like to control the place of the camera in my virtual world with vvvv.

I’ve seen it done with unity3d but I’m looking for a opensource version.

Any ideas?

Dotorre and Defetto, had a lovely walk through they demo’d at Node, but I don’t know what they#ve done with that…
Dottorre has a module to constrain to surface tho, that might help, and someone did 3rd person camera controls a while back too…

there’s a bunch of programs (most are related to game creation) similar to unity3d that you could use, e.g. 3D Rad or OpenSim.
of course, you could also just do it in vvvv; you’ve got the 3d engine, the game part is just patching :)

for example, @tonfilm already patched a first person camera like catweasel said; i also did a mod of that which let’s you walk around on a floor mesh.

Thanks for your fast relplies!

I installed 3Drad and it looks like it’s exactly what I was looking for.

Next week, I’ll try to get it controllable with vvvv…

Thanks again!