Which way to go for a user interface / GUI?

so I’m looking into trying out a workshop with kids for some visual music stuff where they’d be using midikeyboards to generate images and video. I’ve tried all UI-options that I could find:

  • Nexus - Doesn’t work for me because the html-texture node that the whole interface is based on doesn’t work in the latest vvvversion.
  • Notuiv- Doesn’t work in the latest vvvversion.
  • Craftlie - The only user-interface girlpower example doesn’t work for me.

For all the issues I’ve had with these contributions I already made bugreports to the developers.
Any other idea? I have the feeling that there are some things underway in Gamma, but stability would be quite an important thing to me.

Btw it would already help a lot if you could just make more use of colors on a user-interface level in VVVV (more than a Kalle). For creating a simple UI and for easier for developing. But that may be a different discussion alltogether.

do you need the UI in a DX11 renderer? or is having the vl skia window ok for you?
if yes, i would check whether this works for you:

also make sure to watch this to learn how to use them and how to make a nice application design:

I would vote for vanadium with your own html or react app.
Notuiv has absolutely nothing against newest vvvv version. I’m also using it with beta 38. But you will still have to patch drawing your ui, if you use Notuiv

@tonfilm: Thanks this looks cool, I wanna dive deeper into it!

@microdee: Can you include the renderer window of vvvv in an html app? I doubt so right? That would really be an added advantage.

no unfortunately. that would be cool I agree. But you can play with transparency or multiple layers of HtmlTextures if you want overlays above and stuff below your vvvv content.

if you need that, you have to use notui and patch your own or use the craftlie ui lib:

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