Which maschine is better vor vvvv?


i have a pc with a single-core-prozessor:
AMD Athlon 64 FX-55 SanDiego 2.6GHz

now i`m thinking about for using a dual-core-prozessor:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+

i dont know, because vvvv dont supporting multitasking and the performance of one core of the dual-core-cpu is a little bit slower as the single-core-cpu.
on the other side, there are services i want to use like dx9-rendering and capturing and avi-streaming from harddisk.
if i had the dual-core-cpu, the services could runnig at one core and vvvv at the other core and it could collectively be a little bit faster??
… i thinking…but dont know!

(and also the driver of the grafikcards are able for multitasking!)

thx for impressions…

i would just guess as you. please report on your findings!

I built a new machine with a dual core recently, the performance monitor shows both cores working when streaming multiple avi’s so it should help, My laptop is AMD64 3700, the dual core is 3800, the dual core is faster at most things, except NRT writer, which is odd as its pci express against agp!
There are too many differences in hardware for a comparitive test!