Which graphiccard for 2 monitor outputs?

which graphiccard is able to render on both monitor outlets accelerated directx?
is this supported by vvvv?

Nvidia in horizontal span mode is the only way at the moment I think .
They’re working on it though I understand, for future versions…

I was able to do this with a ati radeon 9600 too, but you have to install that scheisscontrollcenter from ati to bring the adapter into span mode. for doing visuals on two outputs it works fine, but for working on the desktop span mode is crap (both display must have the same resolution, and both screens are handled as one big screen…)

Is that using hydra vision, or catalyst control panel?
I hae a radion as well, been looking for a work around for that!

yes. for the ati cards you need to install the scheissCATALYSTcontrolcenter to go fullscreen with horizontal span mode. hydravision is ont needed i think…

maybe you can use powerstrip http://www.entechtaiwan.net/util/ps.shtm instead of the schisscontrol.

no. powerstrip is again something different. it helps you setting special resolutions and refreshrates but won’t help you with dualhead/span issues as far as i understand.

Installed Control centre, and Ive got Clone, Span and all,