Which flash player version?

sorry for asking,just can’t get Flash (EX9) node to work(with beta27),no error message,only black blank screen. i tried to uninstall the new version and downgrading to version 9 like this post saying https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/6866but still can’t get it work,try with 9,10,11,none of them work. need help,anyone got a clue? cheers!

ok,the beta26 working fine with latest flash activex.

sou you’re saying on the same pc Flash (EX9) works with b26 but not with b27?

@joerg,sorry for that,not exactly. just found out,with b27,open the Tester_Flash from girlpower folder. nothing happened unitl i disconnected getslice->filename,so disconnected it and reconnected it again,then works. same happening if i creat new flash(EX9) with ioBox(string).

for the beta26,works fine.
check the video please,cheers!

flashEX9Tester.zip (1.5 MB)

thanks! fixed for beta>27