Where to put general purpose plugins (e.g. binary operations)

hi, just wondering where i should put code for nodes which come up during a plugin development and have a general purpose all could benefit from.

reason for this is the i2c support of the firmata plugin. this is of course firmata related and itself lives in the firmata plugin/namespace.
there is however a very good reason to be able to use binary operations as nodes as the output of the i2c messages are just raw data and differ from sensor to sensor.

we already used them in another project for decoding some sensor values coming in from rs-232.

i already have a set of nodes serving this purpose, but where shall i put the code to not make the firmata plugin a dependency for them?

the code lives here: https://github.com/jens-a-e/V4BitwiseOperators

let me know, where to go. i am happy to adjust the code and PR asap.

hei jens,

how about putting the code in Utils\BitOperators:

ah. yes, looks reasonable. thx!