When is VL gonna be released publicly?

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it is since last Wednesday… we just didn’t manage to put the link on the website yet. as you know us, we are never satisfied by simple and obvious solutions. instead of putting a static link somewhere, we want to always have the link to the latest build on the download page… we are working on it of course.

some smart people found the direct download link already, scan the shoutbox if you can’t wait… :)

Okay thanks : ) —looking forward!

there are all kinds of goodies here: http://teamcity.vvvv.org/ ;)

my deduction is weak.

That hint was waaaayyyyy too subtle for anyone unfamiliar with teamcity. Thanks Micro

haha :D well i didn’t know teamcity until this point either. i was just trying the url from the alpha downloads. but after some exploration i found how to download the VL builds. i won’t spoil the experience ;)

There is no VL at teamcity anymore =)

it’s still up there in alpha…

now i got it thanks for the help