Whats the alternative to AsVideo in VVVV beta 64bit?

Whats the alternative to AsVideo in VVVV beta 64bit? Am working with contour and it works fine in VVVV 32 bit, however there is some lag and so I wanted to see if I could get this to work in VVVV 64 bit, so needed AsVideo (or an alternative) for that.

I think those are bound to 32 bit only…
The alternative would be to use VL.OpenCV nuget for vvvv gamma.

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thank you. Had a sense that would be the only option.
am on a tight deadline, and more familliar with Beta, so will just work with the 32bit version for now and see where I can get it.

You can get both the videoin as texture and the contours from VL into vvvv.

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Thank you!
am very new to VL and Gamma, however will see if i can figure it out.

Here is the patch and VL plugin to get you going. You wil need to install the opencv nuget for VL.
Patched with latest beta.

Note that UploadImage is bit expensive.

Contour2beta.zip (40.2 KB)


thank you so much @tgd may use it in future projects. for now have hacked together a version that works for this exercise.

For anyone who may need this in future heres the setup I got working.
Added a dampner to delay/soften the movement and color transitions.
Used the mesh from a 3d scan of my office desk as the emitter.
001 Augmented Particles.zip (2.6 MB)

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