What to study to make cool stuff with vvvv

I’m finishing up school in Germany right now and thinking about what/where I want to study.
I recently got into doing real time stuff with vvvv and I’m really digging it, so my question is whether anyone here has any tips on what to study when it comes to doing light installations and other audiovisual stuff.

Personally I love doing engineering related things like programming micro controllers and writing my own software to achieve my goals, but I also found my artistic side in school which I want to keep pursuing even more in my field of study.

Would be awesome if anyone could help me out a bit

Just off the top of my head (north to south more or less):


that is @u7angel teaching at the muthesius and @kathi teaching at the Kunstuniversität Linz. and i am sure there are a few more…hands up please!

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ah and of course @motzi is teaching at the
St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences

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thanks for the promotion, boys.

in order to make it a little more transparent what we do at Muthesius, dive into the vimeo channel

if you are interested in engineering and design, look into our industrial design (interface design) department. most vvvv artists at our university went through that school.apart from that, i can recommend our communication design department with the emphasis on interactive media. a few students of this department worked on this project:

and the obvious link to search through random information

and our internal project management tool with projects

thanks from my side as well ;)
@iamLenny: feel free to get in touch if you want to know something specific.



it’s a joint program between an art school and a university… you do your own art and design stuff with microcontrollers and software and whatever you want at the art school and get some deeper programming background at the university side of things… bachelor is german, master is english
they dont have anyone teaching vvvv in particular though

Besides the already mentioned obvious art / design studies I can recommend you to not narrow down the search only because of vvvv. Because essentially vvvv is a easy to learn framework which can assist your research in any study subject.

As long as you are having your own drive you can even build up a reputation as a vvvv programmer at every university in any subject.

Also in the more classical sciences like social sciences and natural sciences there is a need for innovative students that approach research with effective methods.

For example you can study physics / chemistry / biology if you are interested in it and use vvvv for automating experiments, for what a research group would quickly be happy about you as an assistant, or for analyzing or visualizing experimental derived data - something that will also ensure you that after a view semesters people will come to you and ask to help with their papers or poster visualizations.

That was my experience with it. What you can learn by yourself by approaching problems from real science, or making your own art, will always be more then anything you can learn in the view classes of a design FH or Kunstuni something like that, where only the surface can be scratched.

So for the full developer brain boost I recommed going for something like Information Science and focus later on HCI or Computer Graphic.

if you are more up for understanding Quantum Physics, Nano Tech or Micro Bio, go ahead… VVVV will make you also there faster and more flexible.

Art Studies or Design is also cool if you want to have much freetime but don’t learn to much Science stuff.

VVVV in the end is a framework like any other and what realy counts are the methods that you learn and where you want to apply them.

When you are starting with VVVV now you will be eventually beyond the level of the classes once you enter that specific studies and finally have the course…
Then what matters is what is the rest of the studies providing you with?

while i can follow some of your thoughts,i would recommend being more thoughtful with statements like this. saying students studying design have much free time is simply not true. our design students have a tough program to finish.

and in contrast to your ommissions i can tell you that design students (industrial & communication) have a strong ability to rethink complex knowledge based in science & engineering in order to communicate or redesign things. you can not communicate something which you do not understand hence you have to constantly dive into topics which nobody taught you. this is what makes a good designer.

and to support this idea i can tell you that the Muthesius is official member of two excellence clusters, working together with the science elite of germany (Helmholtz,IFM Geomar, CAU Inflamation Research,Leibnitz Institute)

Wow thanks for all the tips and links guys!
I will take my time and look through them all.

Maybe try an internship at the usual suspects beforehand to make up your mind.

So I just went through all of the links you kindly provided me with, but it seems that all of these universities require some kind of in-person fitness test.
I don’t think I can really afford to tour Germany right now so that’s a shame. I guess I will either have to take a gap year and do some paid internships or just study something “normal”

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