What to buy arduino?

Hi vvvv pepole.

This is only for my own educational purpose but
i am going to buy an arduino board and im uncertain of wich board to buy.
could anyone give me a hint on wich card to buy?
At the moment i just want a card that is working nicly with vvvv and the possibility of controlling some sensors and motors.

Thanks to you all for such a great site

see this firmata-2.2-plugins
we recommend using the recent uno which comes with pre-installed firmata

if you just want vvvv to connect to the real world and never ever want to program the arduino board independently (and you have money), consider a pure interface board like this http://www.phidgets.com/products.php?category=0&product_id=1018_2

phidgets integrate nicely in vvvv without the hassle of comport settings, there are plugins in the addon pack.

Sorry for hi-hjacking this thread, Any experience with the Phidget SBC2 and vvvv? does the Phidget plugins work with this device.

It would be horribly practical to get a network based sensor interface.


Hi sonofsnow,

Yes in order to start with arduino, as u7angel said, it’s better to buy a Uno, you will find the list of distributor on arduino website :

But if you give us some more details about your project the we can maybe help you to find the most adapted board. Because when you said “control motors”, then depends of the motor the arduino uno only will not be enougth.

Tnx for the answers all.

At this moment I just want to familirize my self with arduino and its abilitys to control devices thru vvvv. I would like to play with some stepper motors and sensors, and other motors too. If I have to buy more arduino boards in extension to the Uno board for controlling the diffrent motors pls hint me in a direction of witch boards or a Package of diffrent arduino`s to play with.

If im diffuse in my explenations its only beacouse i hardly dont know anything about this world and was thinking you guys could help me get started.

Again Thanks for your time.

It’s quite simple, arduino can control motors and receive information from sensors, but arduino input and output are limited in current and voltage. (I think 40mAmp and 5V)

It’s means that if you need to control a motor which need more power, (for example a 6V-200mAp DC motor) then you will have to add some electronics components and an external power supply.

And if you want to receive informations from a sensor which give an analog tension between 0-10V then you will have to put few components to protect you board and adapt the signal.

It all depends of what you want to do, but it’s quite easy even if you dont know the basic of electronics.

So finally if you just want to discover arduino and all that stuff around, you should buy a starter kit like this one http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9905 which come with some sensors adapted to the arduino and some basic components (like resistor) you will certainly need.

And then if you want to connect something else you sould first have a look to the “playground” section of the arduino website where they explain how to connect all sort of things to arduino (like step motor)http://arduino.cc/playground/

And for the next time you should ask your question to the arduino forum which is full of nice arduino experts http://arduino.cc/forum/, this forum is more specialised in vvvv software, so if you have a problem to connect arduino to vvvv then you can ask your question on this forum.

Look at this too io

Considering an uno ethernet would be a very good and endless powerfull introduction to arduino ;-)

you want to get into arduino
check this starterkit

That’s definetly a nice and cheap kit !

Thanks for your help.

A good day to you all =)