What should I do?

I am creating an installation for an exhibition. The exhibition theme is ‘displacement’. I am new at vvvv and with some help so far I have come up with projecting onto 4 pieces of white foam, 4 separate video sources. I did this by creating 4 quads, texturising them with video and then ‘displacing’ them within the space and having the foam squares put in similar positions and projecting the imagery onto them.

I have not connected the projector node yet but I have been told it will compensate for the projector beam in 3D space.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can texturise the quads with that is not a video file? Like maybe something within vvvv? I am thinking something mininal just like white flashing or a white line that scrubs over each piece…

Does anyone know how I might be able to create ‘shards’ instead of squares. Can a ‘draw’ shapes into vvvv?

Thanks very much any help is much appreciated, this exhibition is in 2 weeks!

you might enjoy a look at the helpfiles of Triangle (DX9 Indexed) and Line (EX9.Geometry) for creating shards and lines. if you would like to dive deeper, check out Mesh (EX9.Geometry Join) - it is possible to create/draw shapes within vvvv by creating 3d-models from scratch. if you are new to vvvv this might be a bit overkill for 2 weeks time; but it does not hurt to take a look at some simple examples.

the DX9Texture (EX9.Texture) node will allow you to copy the output of a Renderer into a Texture. So you can easily generate Test patterns in vvvv without the need to render videos.

Check the Help patch for the Homography (Transform 2d) node for a simple visual way of distorting quads without having to deal with the exact placement and details of the camera/ projector.

thanks very much guys.