What programming language do i need to learn for vvvv?

Hello, I’m just start to learn vvvv gamma and really enjoy it but it’s hard…haha.
However, I feel like, I need to learn programming language for the future. I mean, if I want to be more advanced user(?) like that.
so can i have some advice that What language do I need to learn to understand vvvv better?
I have learned C language very little. (just basic). almost no program background.

Thank you so much!

hello, I think there isn’t a particular one. it is rather about learning programming concepts. like:

  • data types
  • fields
  • methods
  • dependencies
  • etc.

if you want to definitely learn one specific language, I would recommend C#, since compiled C# can be imported into VL as nodes.


Thank you so much for your kind reply. I’m going start to study c#. soon.

hei @off_func

as far as I’m concerned, it was the other way around : VL taught me C# :)

concepts I had a hard time understanding reading code tutorials (first it was oop, but then stuff like delegates, which never really made sense to me before) became suddenly clear when seeing them patched. i can now make use of that knowledge when I need to write some C#, either for vvvv plugins or somewhere else.

so in the end, i wouldn’t say you need to have a textual programming background when learning gamma. it could of course speed things up, but I see VL as a fantastic opportunity to dive into those things in a visual way :)


@sebescudie Thanks a lot for your kind word. yes, i think, your opinion is very good idea and more suitable to me. but, I don’t have any idea how to study VL. can you please give some more infomation about VL? sorry for the too basic question.

You can browse this youtube playlist for video tutorials, or wander in gamma’s built in help browser, have a look at the patches, try to tweak them and come back here when you have questions :)


if you would like to play with graphics, I suggest you to learn the shader language i.e. hlsl, glsl, and sdsl, as VL adopts Stride’s rendering engine. Of course, you should acquire the knowledge of cg rendering before that, such as the concept of 3d, transformation, lighting, shadowing, material, noise, …etc. Then, you have a better understanding of what is really going on on your patch

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