What pc configuration for vvvv

I envisage the purchase of a pc, I would like to know ideale configuration to work with vvvv, knowing that I use in the same time one or two application: max, ableton, glitch sequenceur for window, etc…

I go to see to alienware and lenovo but i didn’t know the resources which uses vvvv I don’t know that graphic card is the best adapting, ram? as for the processor I intend to put an intel i7.

(Sorry my english it’s not perfect)

many thanks for your answers


here is a discussion from the old forum. hw specs have not changed dramatically since then, so most suggestions mentioned in that should still be valid…

(ofcourse you’d buy a nvidia 580 nowadays instead of the mentioned 295 gtx and probably no i920 anymore, but other than that everything is pretty much the same i’d say…)

hi tof.
for myself i was hesitating between Alienware and Clevo.
Finally for budget i run on an asus G53JW-SX053V. I7 and 1.5G on Nvidia 460. I m very happy of it and i m using it with 2 others apps at the same time and vvvv.
i would say that the offer in “Republic Of Gamers” game are great

re-reading the thread i think it could also make sense if you’d specify what kind of system you want to buy… ;) (laptop/workstation)

the brand new dell XPS 15 is worth a look. it has a nvidia 435m GT with 2GB. its about 1000 euro, and somewhere it was written that you can have it with a full hd led screen…

experienced THREE broken ASUS mainboards, and @digitalslaves had a broken Laptop-mainboard, if i remember correctly.

for me no more asus.

Now that i have no laptop (I was robbed(!) ) Im waiting for a DELL XPS 14, because i don’t like to carry bigger laptops.

I’ve choosen the 430 and I5 instead of the 435 and I7. but because my last one had intel X3100, its going to make a real difference…

The bad thing about new laptops is that they mostly don’t have firewire. So goodbye to my Saffire Le audio interface

i think we may speak about cycle. I was very Toshiba before, and actually Toshiba’s offer is very bad and less quality in its construction. i do no more trust in the quality actually of toshiba.

Asus has made a real jump of quality. I have two towers on asus mainboard, working without troubles since 3 years, I m buying for the dance companies i m working for only asus, since 2 years, as the offer in terms of power is really better than everybody. especiallly ROG machines.
i don t know where to find better than this asus: NVIDIA 460 1,5Go, i7, in 15.6 inches at 1200 euros…
so actually i would say at this price, definitively asus…

you can use usb adaptor to firewire if the device doesnt need to be feeded in power. dont forget also expresscard adaptors if you have a slot for it.


you can get expresscard firewire cards for about £10

Don’t ditch your Saffire!

The thing is the xps 14 doesn’t have expresscard…

but wait, there are usb-firewire adapters ??? please show me where!


ohh, but i don’t know if this work for an audio interface… did you have any experience with it ?

heres my answer


“No, it is not possible to connect a FireWire interface to your computer’s USB port via a FireWire to USB adapter since this connection is not sufficient to run a FireWire audio interface.”

but perhaps with this thing that @mrboni mentioned?

had firewire chipset problems with my motu ultralite so worth checking on constructor’s site if it recommends one in particular…

oh… i was thinking about dv cam, not audio interface… thats sounds really bad