What laptop and desktop for VVVV and Fuse?

Hi there!

I want to use vvvv in live performances interacting with 3D geometry (from live audio or video feedback). But I am also thinking about a workstation for more heavy rendering.

What configuration do you recommend for a laptop using it in live situations?

And for working with vvvv, Houdini and Blender with a workstation?

I checked the forum, but I didn’t find any relevant info.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Geforce and Intel

But every software has benchmarks and best performance GPUs and so on.

Maybe someone having experience using vvvv in a demanding 3D manipulation live performance can recommend me a good configuration??

Thanks again!

For gigs i use micro/mini atx mother board in compact chassis Core 500 — Fractal Design or Node 304 — Fractal Design

you can choose size per amount of graphics cards you need…
generally i choose size that fits in dj vinyl case

For CPU you need highest per core MHZ amount of processor not that relivant but i would go for i7 with two GPUs i5 with one is ok…

GPU is better if it’s more fat, generally not less then xx60 (2060, 2070)

Mem - SSD only, m4, if you want heavy HAP or DDS video playback RAID 0 on m4 SSD’s rocks

For mother board I’ve would suggest ASUS ROG

Hey @antokhio, I’m planning to get a new laptop and was about to go for a Ryzen 9 CPU, what would be its caveats against an equivalent Intel one according to you?


It is a moving target, so difficult to quantify without constantly updating.
in brief, any recent computer with dedicated GPU will run vvvv fine.
If you have lots of video playback of many 4K videos, super fast SSD is essential.
if you do complex shaders, a fast GPU is essential, again both AMD and NVIDIA (are the intel GPUS here yet?) will work just fine. In general NVIDIA supports more of the fun stuff although I am not really into that corner of GPU usage. In short, get the current generation of an NVIDIA GPU with the highest number that you can afford .
if you are doing lots of offline rendering and or video editing, get as many cores as you can, but make sure they have fast boost clocks for doing the real time stuff.

I think this is my summary.

EDIT: I would also say that nvidia XX60 is the minimum if you want to run your stuff at decent resolutions.

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@antokhio Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. So you don’t recommend a laptop for live performances? Going around with a working station scares me (plus the finding a monitor and so on…)

Also you don’t recommend the Ryzen 9 CPU ?

I was also thinking about it…

Thanks also @sunep … all opinions are welcomed and helpful.

I perform live with a laptop. It works fine, I need to get a new one soon though.

It’s depends on your use case, for life performance i use desktop and laptop connected thru video mixer or capture card.

The desktop is like four times laptop processing power but yes you have to carry a lot.

I never had ryzen, I have friend who does motion graphics, he has ryzen, but last time i heard from him he wanted switch to intel next one. I know from gpu side the nvidia fixes some warnings in your shader code, where on ati card shader would fail to compile, possibly same applies to cpu, less cpu instructions, or just more strict implementation…

Interesting variants are compact desktop cases. After some research, I went to use DAN Cases It can contains up to RTX 3080 and you can easily put it into backpack… There are also Zotac mini Pcs, but they are too much custom made with no possibility to upgrade and very expensive.

Earlier this year I bought a laptop with Ryzen 5900HX and Nvidia RTX 3070. It’s doing a pretty good job so far and the Ryzen is very fast with lower power settings for silent fans. Intel CPUs are apparently slower when you reduce the wattage.

it seems to be in stock again: TongFang-GM5ZN7Y-RTX-3070-AMD-5900HX

also the intel model: TongFang-GM5TG7Y-RTX-3070-Tiger-Lake

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this seems to be the upgraded model and good choice, if you want to go intel:

Any reports on using Stride/Fuse with Intel Iris Xe graphics (11th gen cpu i5/i7 integrated graphics with 80/96EUs)?

I also need to get a new laptop soonish but value other factors more than raw performance so I’m likely to end up with only integrated graphics. It would be nice to know that most functionality at least works ok even if performance won’t be near that of a discrete graphics card.

For those looking at getting a laptop with discrete graphics it’s worth noting that it seems you shouldn’t pay too much attention to the model number alone in case of Nvidia at least (3060/3070/3080) as it depends as much on how the laptop is designed with respect to how much power the graphics card is allowed to use while keeping the thermals in control. It will vary a lot between different models and in some cases it seems like a lower model number might give almost the same performance while costing less.

I have the first gen of laptop tonfilm posted, its allright but depends what you want. Its very portable, but if you want better performance and sacrifice some of portablity, I would go for bigger brands (something that linus tech tips recommends for gaming for example).

For me its really nice balance of portability and performance

yes, I also value portability, and this slim TongFang laptop has less than 2cm thickness and has a weight of only 1.7kg while providing about 80-90% performance of the top-of-the-line gaming laptops that have almost double the weight and size.

we are (still) on DirectX11, so no problems there, only less performance.

yes, the allowed power for the GPU is a main factor. a RTX3070 should get 125W with 15W boost to reach max performace.

Wow! Thank you a lot guys, this discussion is really helpful to figure out how to proceed.

So basically one of the best options would be this TongFang-GM5ZN7Y-RTX-3070-AMD-5900HX Laptop with 64Gb Ram.

Or to build a semi-portable Desktop with one of those small chassis (which for me it’s not very portable).

Any other thing to take into consideration?

Yes, but 32gb of ram should be more than enough… 16gb works as well.

Ah! Ok. I read many places that the more ram the better…

Finally I am very close to take this step, I have these three laptops, and I would love to know from you what is the best or the most recommendable from your experience:

TongFang GM5ZN7Y

AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX
15.6" QHD IPS
nVidia RTX 3070 8.0Gb GDDR6
AMD Radeon RX Vega 8
DDR4 werkgeheugen


MIFCOM 15" Notebook

AMD Ryzen “Cezanne” R9 5900HX
GeForce RTX 3070


XMG APEX 15" - E20phs

Ryzen 9 3900
RTX 2070


(The XMG APEX is also available the with the Ryzen 7 5800H and the RTX 3070 for 1.990€)

Looking forward to know your opinion!

they are all TongFang laptops, just different resellers. the second and third are the model: TongFang GM5ZN7W

so the question is do you want the super slim and light one (-Y), or the bigger one that has a bigger battery and might have better cooling (-W). depends on how much you travel or if you have extended high load work scenarios. also, the keyboards are different if that is something that is important to you.