What kind of hardware


i want to buy some new stuff. a new computer and maybe some hardware to use vvvv for vjing. i m searching some hardware with which i can influence parameters with hand. so i can get a better felling of the rythmic. there is a hardware from resolume for 600€. does it works with vvvv and makes it sense?
are there cheaper solutions? what other kind of hardware is usefull for vvvv?

i m starting to learn vvvv. i m just at the beginnig. maybe its to early but now i have the chance.

there is a lot of work. but the results of the other are so impressing.


i somehow doubt the resolume hardware works with vvvv, as it is probably no standard device (glovepie might help).
if you need some faders or buttons get a midi faderbox. for 600 euros behringer will sell you an incredible number of buttons and faders. or dismantle some joysticks and keyboards.

as a future vj starters kit i would recommend getting a touchscreen from ebay (there are some very nice example patches around) and a wiimote

yes, first i would go for the midi controller of your choice…

oh. i have n wacom grafic tablett(but no screen on it). does it work with vvvv? oh it would be so unbeleavable. hm. my pen is broke. but it would be nice. very nice.

or can i use my scanner as a camera? and telephone with jim jesus? where are the limits?

If its a serial wacom you can probably patch a driver… for usb you just can use the mouse emulation driver that ships with wacom. means no pressure, tilt different tool ids etc. i hop the one of the next v4 versions will support graphic tablets better. oh and btw. if someone have an old wacom with com port and like to sell it to me for a good price, i will try to patch a driver…