What do you think!?

My last try, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8J5uK9Odvg i want to make a king of machine for live visuals performance what evolve in time, a more dynamic camera fliying around and things growing, im trying to undestand how midi works and how my partner dj can send to vvvv the signals of the samples, i am usin FFT, BeatDetector for the beat but i want something really sincronized.

Some thoughts:
-First of all: Im not sure if the visual world is matching goa or trance ambient. I mean pixel style is more like plain electronic music for me. But I guess its just a beginning so,
-Secondly, I like the reduced and grafical approach. For me visual are a substitute to music not superior (which it is going to be too fast). You are going out to listen and dance and not to watch tube, arent you?
-If you are going to animate camera movement either, it can be very irritating. And I think it feels odd if you have 3d movement and 2d movement onto 3d-obejcts simultaneously. I like a break in “the canvas” by mixing 2d in front of a 3d-world, though.

Anyway that are just my personal suggestions - there’s no accounting for taste. Keep on!

lol, sure, i want to do visuals but somehow i think what the visual should have a most important place in the performance but you are in the right, You are going out to listen and dance, i dont like the total random visuals in my opinion must be a correspondence…

How are the visuals for the psytrance?

Btw, i think this is the wrong forum for this kind of talk :)

And i really can’t understand “How are the visuals for the psytrance?” or other music genre, i mean, for sure u can tell that in tekno it’s coherent threshold and fats cut in movement or in…mmmhhh minimal techno can be nice to have geometries and clean style, lots of colors for house and so on.

What sounds really weird to me, there is no match between musical genre&visual telling, a video live performance should be a story told according to music and performer creativity, how can be there a kind of match then ? :)

Well of course just my point of view, and generally talking

P.s. for psytrance use lot of fluo colors , gaussian/alpha trail and synch beat with audio every 2 bars, at least is something commonly viewed for those kind of stuff, but then the story ? :)

P.s.: frank people just get input by senses, they go out and listen music till somebody give them video too, or nice eyes blinking and so on ;)