What do you think about this laptop for using VVVV?

Hi everyone,

My laptop just broke and I’m looking to buy a new one…I’ve found this one:


since I afford only 350 pounds and I would like to hear your opinion about it?


P.S If anyone has any other laptop to suggest for the amount of 350 pounds it will be appreciate.

You should really get a machine with a better graphic card, with that money I d go into the second hand market…

I was thinking about dell outlet? anyone had any experience with them?


Thanks for your help…

The Intel graphic card as io said is not good. Go for a laptop with Nvidia card.

Here is a list of laptops that I agree are among the good ones:

I’ve had 3 of them already in the past, Toshiba Qosmio, Dell Alienware, and Clevo… and I can tell you all of these performed flawlessly with vvvv.