What can be cause of desynchronisation in playing video?

Hi DiMiX, thanks to share this experience.
well as a lot of us, i m rarely having synchronised video file with inner audio.
WMV is supposed to be the ideal file type with VVVV, if i remember well. Never think that keyframing was a bad real bad thing in this standard.

normally the player is adjusting itself. I mean if I take any media player i dont have 2 seconds delay after 2min 40sec. And delay increasing itself.

I understand the keyframes feature (apologizing to Antohkio).
What i see is that there is a problem surely reliable to the question of multithreading with VVVV.

A simple patch with video played will be ok, but not on a more complex project ( despite this one, when video plays, nothing else is doing anything: all quads are off…).

I dont know devvvs experience with audio and video together on big files.
Sometimes I have a look at my computer with a real hate.

To be philosophic, VVVV is like life: big tought love, and sometimes big disespearance.

karistouf, picvideo 720p won’t be 13 gigs, set quality to 18, and use the vlc player i think it’s 4 times faster, filestream lagging always on big res… (even if you don’t have anything else) you haven’t try 60fps fullhd video with it

hi antokhio, PIC video site isdown, but i will encode my wmv at higher framerate. Many thanks to everybody.

ok. tried with vegas to change keyframe rate, passing from 5 frames / sec to 15 and 25. No result signifiacntely: audio is performed less quick, but still my decompression.

Pic video: can you use it with vegas ? after installation it doesn t shows up in Vegas list of codecs ?