What camera for tracking


what camera is best for the tracking a person on a 4x2 meter sized area and about 10 meters distance

The camera is attached 10 meters above these setup

which manufacturer/model offers flexible optics, and which are the important parameters: frames, IR… this market is a bit confusing fo me.


I like this guide

My camera of choice is Flea3 from PointGrey, superb image quality, speed, control settings, it does have standard C/CS mounts, you have higher choice of optics than what you might ever need.

However, for tracking people, I would use Kinect, thou range of 10 is probably too much. 7-8m is max. I do not prefer 2D image tracking since it’s never very robust and you have to consider many factors.

thanks you for the link and your preferred cam.

I have done a first test with the ccv tracker tools from nuigroup.com. I think this is a good start. I only need the x and y dimensions of the person

@mindthegap not sure about your budget, time constrains, robustness requirements, maybe you can go with ps3 eye, which is has a status of affordable and highly hackable camera for computer vision, there are lot of experiments with custom optics too. in the age of 3d printing, i can imagine it might be possible to create custom mount for more standard lenses.

…or kinect again, its ir camera does have unparalleled performance in that price category. 30fps, out-of-box IR, no bayer filter, high dynamic range which makes it much easier to do the pre-process of the image before you send it to the tracker.