What are X-files?

I see them in a lot off cool modules, but have no idea what they are, or what they do.

In the FAQ I only read how to make them. (than again, it is past my bed time, so who knows what I missed).

When I tried to google it, I only found info about that serie with Scully and Mulder, so any links or articles are welcome.

Thnx for your (wasted) time again… :)

this link on msdn should give technical information.

Been a while, but an Xfile is basicly an Object created in a 3D program (like Maya, 3Dmax) that I can import in vvvv, and use sort off like the Teapot?

Is this a correct conclusion after reading loads off complicated material?


it is the only file format for 3d objects, which vvvv can open in a simple manner. it was specified by microsoft to be the standard way how to get meshes into a directx application.