Wha gwan in Berlin?

I’ve just arrived in Berlin

Staying here for the next 3 months. Am up for getting involved with things here

Give me a shout if you want to hook up, know of interesting things going on, have any pointers etc


Ah, MrBoni, you lucky devil 3 months in Berlin :)

I didnt get a chance to meet with anyone when I was there in July but on the Meetup website there seems to be allot going on. http://www.meetup.com/

If you get the chance, go and visit Teufelsberg, you used to be able to get there through a hole in the fence but now its only official tours which I’ve heard are quite interesting.
This is when I went: http://blog.andy-coates.com/?p=316

Have a great time!


That looks cool Andy :)

I was actually crapping my pants when I got in, I had no idea who or what was inside!

A gripping read! I must visit.

The view from the roof looks great.

Reading that just reminded me of a recommendation from someone - http://www.abandonedberlin.com/ some serious exploration kicks available there :)