Weird SlimDX behavior on mobile RTX3060

Hello guys
I have this weird issue and I have no clue how to start troubleshooting / debuging it

On 2 completely different computers ( Gigabyte Aero15 and AlienwareR15 r1 ) with the same specs, rtx3060 I can not load this example patch Large PLY DX11 Pointcloud Reader | vvvv

But everything else is working, dx11, instance noodles, spout.

If I open the TTY render I can see this

the renders stays black, If I add a quad or anything else I got this erros

Same patch on olders gpus works just fine… any clue ?

The “device removed” error means that the GPU driver crashed.
just a sanity check, if you have an Optimus laptop, make sure you are running on the NVidia card. But the vvvv installer should set that.

Did you update to the latest drivers? If yes, then try the “Studio Driver” which is extra stable and tested. otherwise, not exactly clear what could cause the error, we would need a more detailed error message of the first crash to find out.

Chose here under “Download Type”:

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Got it, downloading


Version: 512.59 WHQL
Release Date: 2022.4.26
Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 11
Language: English (US)
File Size: 785.08 MB

Hey thanks for the reply
OK, I did install the studio ones, same error. I can give a try with the not studio drivers?
The nvidia settings are set to use the nvidia gpu all the time
all other heavy patches works super fast, so for sure vvvv is using nvida gpu

If that’s a new machine try to install VL rediststs even not obvious ones 2010… 2013, some packs use some older vc redists…

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hey antokhio how are you ?
Thats sounds logical, but from older vvvv installers all seems to have all dependencies already working
witch one do you recommend to install to give it a try ?
Also on the installers that I try, all says that I have a newer version, that the installation can not continue


the 2015 one isn’t checked by the beta installer…


No luck trying to reinstall redist 2015

I was able to narrow down the problem by re doing the patch from scratch
And I accidentally found that If I leave the render Dx11 buffer stride pin in 16 It “works” but with no color… weird because its a RGBA float, so it should be 3 bytes x 4 chanels, 16

Found a fix for this. bSprite node is expecting a 4D buffer for color, thus, 16 bytes for stride value is ok for 4 floats.

Cloning the buildBuffer3d_CS template and making it 4D(float3->float4).
Be sure to add an alpha value to all sampled points via an “xyzW” node inbetween.
Stride pin in renderer for color buffer goes in 16.

BuildBuffer4D_CS.7z (588 Bytes)

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