Weird Renderer issue, rendering only starts working when pressing ALT after going fullscreen

Hi guys,

haven’t been working with vvvv for a while, but got back into it recently for a project.
Everything works quite nicely except for the final Fullscreen Rendering issue.

I have a regular Renderer at the end of my patch. It goes fullscreen on open but won’t display anything. It works in windowed mode.
I’ve tried hooking up different screens, both outputs of the graphics card (nvidia), having them both connected or only one at a time, switched backbuffer modes and screen resolutions in inspektor, but no luck.

And the weirdest thing is this: it all works perfectly and starts rendering the content as soon as i press the ALT button when the renderer is fullscreen and active. Not any combination with ALT, but just ALT

Tried to find what could cause this, but again, no luck.

Has anybody ever encountered this strange behaviour? Do you know what could cause it?
Also tips for further troubleshooting would be highly appreciated.


This might be the issue:

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