Weird midi problem (not recieving correctly?)

Hello there,
I’m having a patch here where i use my keyboard to send CC messages, which are being recieved by my pc’s midiport and in vvvv transmitted to control different values.

Now the problem I have is that it just sometimes works and sometimes not, without any obvious reason.
All paramters are being recieved prefect in MIDIox and yesterday i assigned the correct values for every parameter - it worked, v4 was recieving correct.

But now I start it up, twiddle the knobs and nothing happens. Midiox shows the input, and the even the MIDI testpatch from vvvv shows that the programm is recieving cc’s. But for some reason not in my patch. CC Value’s are the 100% correct, and I changed nothing since yesterday???

piano’n’pictures N3_2010.01.17-18.44.53.jpg (140.6 kB)

maybe the midiport is used by another programm?

wouldn’t know what -don’t have any sequencer running in the background or anything else that would use it :/

Does it work after a reboot?
Some programs don’t release MIDI drivers on exit, so the port is still “used” even though the sequencer has been closed.

Ok, something had seriously gone wrong with the patch apprently (maybe due to a crash?).
Copy pasted it into a new patch, works flawless now. :S

Ok, it wasn’t the patch after all. For some weird reason, I always have to switch the midichannel 1 higher and then back. Got a monoflop now connected to all midichannel nodes :/