Weird Getslice behaviour rounding floating number up and down

I am having a midinote fed with data from a midikeyboard. The midinote is connected to a getslice(spreads) to receive certain slices. As Midinote does not only output noteon/off but also actual intensity of the keypress on the output node, I was hoping to receive multiple notes with the getslice node. However there’s something bizarre happening: If I receive only one note with getslice it does output the intensity of the keypress instead of just a 0 or 1. If I receive multiple inputs by spreading the getslice index with an “I(spreads)” the output is either 0’s or 1’s. It actually stays on 0 if i press the key only softly, making it feel as if the incoming midi data gets rounded to 1 or 0 respectively. This doesn’t really make sense to me and I would like to know how it comes.

ei you forgot to attach the patch.

It shouldn’t really do that, are you sure the iobox you connected to the gestlice node isn’t set to integer? (Herr inspector, value Type).

You got an example patch we can look at?