Weird behaviour after re-install

Hey folks,

I’ve just re-installed my laptop and Vvvv also. I saved my contributions folder and girlpower and such ready to drop back in to the vvvv folder after install.
All contribution packs are back in place and I’ve set them up in the root directory. Strangely, when I open previous projects the Kinect (devices Microsoft), RGB (Kinect Microsoft), HSCB (EX9 Texture Filter), Levels (EX9 Texture Filter) and Fullscreen Quad (DX9) are all missing. Others might be also, but these are just the ones in the project.

Strangely though, if I go in to the contributions folder and open the Kinect (devices Microsoft) patch and then open my patch, all the above nodes are found and work properly.
If I close and re-start vvvv they’re no longer found, unless I once again open the Kinect node from the contributions folder.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you

sounds like some paths are not the same as before.
check the v4p, where you have those problems, with any texteditor, search for the nodes and see what paths are saved there.

is the root.v4p besides vvvv.exe configured and loaded correctly? check with ALT+R when vvvv is open…

also, you should place contributions and so on in a folder that is not inside the vvvv program folder. from your description it was not clear where it is located.

as a basic rule, never modify the vvvv program folder except when adding the /addonpack folder or a pack into the /packs folder.