Webcam Output Stream

I have created a desktop screen (VH Capture) within a webcam VideoIn using Quads and Group to an EX9 Renderer, how can I output this as a usable device for conference apps like Skype, MSN, GTalk?

Thanks, Seb

I believe I may have a couple of problems, VideoOut uses DX9 but the renderer produces EX9, not sure what the difference is, also VideoOut (device) shows no drivers so I guess I may need another device driver to stream as a webcam would. Is video output as device available within VVVV or is there a suitable freeware driver? And how would I convert EX9 to DX9?


Update again, I have found DX9Texture and AsVideo, I now have DX9 again and can connect this to VideoOut, is all I need a DirectShow/WDM driver like VirtualCamera?

I had really good results in streaming my face distorted by some weird shaders from DX9-renderer to skype using VH Screen Capture Driver

but i did not try this with windows 7 by now.

Would you be able to send me a simple patch to output anything from a renderer as a usable device elsewhere, I’m not sure how to configure the output correctly, I have VH installed but have only VHMultiCam and VHScrCap available on GTalk, I have not yet tried Skype as I do not have it installed on this machine. Also I am WinXP on this machine.

I will try Skype, but not sure how my patch should look, your help is greatly appreciated.

quite easy:
*start VHCapture.exe
*select VHScrCap as Video Capture Source
*press “Sel. Window” button and select your Renderer or whatever you want to stream

and in Skype or whatever Software
*select VHScrCap as VideoDevice

that’s it.
and now i know that it works with Windows 7 ;)

Thank you, I see what you are doing, this works well if the VVVV patch is on top of the desktop. Unfortunately my aim was to have a fullscreen capture in the corner of a webcam image (or other way around), then find a way to output my VVVV renderer as another device stream over the internet. I may be mistaken by what you were using VHCapture for, but I don’t think this will work in my case where the renderer is not visible on screen unless it can capture from windows not on top.

Thanks for your help and I will be able to use this for other fun projects. If you’re wondering why I’m using vvvv, why not…?

P.S. Have you come across the special ‘colour’ that you get when you printscreen a video and paste into paint, where you can now draw on any video live in paint, or as desktop, or in explorer? Would this help? Thanks again, Seb

but I don’t think this will work in my case where the renderer is not visible on screen unless it can capture from windows not on top.

hhhm, that really maybe a problem.
what about connecting a second monitor only for capturing that renderer?
but for whatiknow DirectShowVideo only works on two screens when using SpanMode. therefore this only can work on XP, not on Vista or 7. am i right here?

Q: would it be thoeretical possible to write a plugin which
*emulates a WDM Video Device? (like VHCapture does…)
*can be fed with EX9.Texture or DirectShow-Videostream

man, i should go into plugins but don’t have any bloody idea how to start.

I will have a look at a second monitor, I cannot enable the dual output without a physical device connected, I may be able to use an adapter ( without a full monitor as I don’t have any others right now and this could be cheaper.

Your question about the plugin is exactly what I was hoping might be available, I will try and find out what might be needed to develop such a plugin, there may be some open source drivers around (VH has some open source apps, need to check the licences though). I am pretty new to this so I may take a while to gather some knowledge.