Webcam - NV12


I use an internal webcam OV13B10 on a laptop.

When I use it from any app on the PC, (like the Windows Camera app), everything is working well.
When I use it in VVVV (via VideoIn OpenCV, ou VideoIn Skia), I can see a lot of artefacts / glitchs (they start appearing after 5 seconds)

From the output pin “Support formats” (VideoIn OpenCV), the list shows only NV12 formats (no MJPG for this webcam).
When I put the mode NV12 in FourCc: freeze.
When I put the mode MJPG in FourCc: works, but with artefacts / glitchs.
I don’t find a way to tell it to use NV12.

Could it be related to the Bayer filter pattern (bggr, grgr…)? Is it possible to change that from VVVV?