Webcam-Feed from Web

Hi there,

I am trying to get a webcam-feed from a site onto a dx9-renderer. And, if possible, from a lot of different webcams… therefore it doesn´t simply work with html-renderer.

Well I allready consulted the forums, and since I am a beginner I am kind of overwhelmed by everything.

What I tried to do, is taking a “html-get” node --> “dynamic texture” --> quad and renderer. but it doesn´t show anything on my quad.

Anybody can please give me a hint?

Thanks a lot

I think what your are trying to do can not be done with VVVV right now. One would need some kind of “videostreaming-client-node” which doesn´t exist up to now.
The HTTP Get node isn´t capable of fetching videostreams.


ah. okay. haha. would have been too nice. thanks anyways for your answer.


I am also interesing in this field…
so there is no possibilty in the moment to capture a cam in realtime mode and manipulate it in vvvv?

is there no way to replace a texture by a realtime recorded video??? would be very sad, because this would change my whole masterwork…

I am building in the moment a infraredsensor for midi data which should finally try to manipulate the realtime video input.


Of course you can use VideoIn (DShow9) for your connected cams .

here the point is fetching a webcam stream from the internet.

wow, thanx…
I´ am totally new to vvvv… working with it since one week…
but I will keep you updated here with my project…
its a master thesis and i am working on a little amchien.
if somebody is interested how to build a infrared sensor, i found this nice page:
very very useful


Workaround for the webcam feed mentioned above:

get Camtasia Studio from
Camtasia Recorder allows streaming.

open your favourite webpage with camera livestream.
start camtasia recorder

  • Capture --> Output --> Live

now Camtasia Studio Video Capture Driver should show up as a device on the Driver-pin of your VideoIn (DShow9) node.

i built something similar with v4: works, but not too good: html-render --> gdi texture --> quad(with transforms) --> dx9render --> dx9 texture --> writer.

so far for one webcam-feed it works. but what i tried to do is to display various webcam-feeds (from various locations) on one renderer. and that s not possible with the method mentioned above (since you are always recording parts of the computer desktop too). hmmm…


WebcamCapture.v4p (5.2 kB)

news from the webcam front: i dont know if this is commonly known, but a lot of webcams are not streamed, but resolved in mjpeg, which is basically one jpeg after the other (correct me, if i m wrong). knowing that, it s possible fetching webcam “streams” via vvvv. YEAH!

BUT: i tried to use the html-get node doing this. it works, but i ve got problems with the reloading speed (as it would be on a regular webpage, where it looks like a movie). any ideas out there?

webcam_fetch.v4p (10.4 kB)

the problem is that you are trying to reload the image without knowing / checking if it has finished loading yet. So if it hasn´t finished, the attempt to load it will be stopped and restarted when you trigger the refresh pin.

webcam_fetch.v4p (5.5 kB)

ahhhh. very nice. it vvorks great. thanx a lot pal!

anybody got an idea why those fetched images are so low in resolution. i allready adapted backbuffer width and hight to the size the (online) image has…

Hi there,

I am trying to get a webcam-feed from a site onto a dx9-renderer. And, if possible, from a lot of different webcams…

i got the same question.
since this is an old post and as far as i can tell in the new version of vvvv. html renderer doesnt excist anymore.

is there a solution/workaround/node that can do this?


bjoern’s patch still works, no html renderer involved