Webcam built into laptop or USB webcam, which is fastest for saving to short image sequences?

At 25fps?.. no text …

hum … there is a french manner to say it: “roulette russe”, nobody knows until seeing it working.
usually you will prefer a PS3eye camera or the last camera from logitech C910.
those two cameras are providing good stable framerate.

i agree with karistouf, i’m using oftne the pseye and it is really a good chioce (good and stable framerate and good imagequality for a cheap cam).

anyway consider that the embedded webcam is a usb webcam too, so the fact it is embedded in the laptop is irrilevant

Ah okay, I didn’t even consider that it was USB.
Great, I’ll look into these options.

Is using either of these cameras straight forward in vvvv, ie just works through the VideoIn node?


“last camera from logitech C910.”
Are you talking about this one?

yes, there was a nice test posted by eliot woods about it. but, despite ps3eye, you can t change the optic