Webbrowser .mp4 in background not running

Hi there,
I am just checking out the webbrowser (vl.cef) to use it in a up coming project.
my first test was my own webside (wwww.christinemayerhofer.de) The .mp4 video at the very beginning is not running. Its integrated as a background in a row of the wordpress framework.

Any idea why it is not working? is it a bug to be fixed?

If I go down this project and more difficulties with the webbrowser are popping up, is there somebody out there, who could help me fix thoose? and for sure get paid for it. The production would be in August and September .


Check this thread:

The devvvvs offer custom support.

HI bjoern,
thank you for the link to the autoplay discussing It does help to understand difficulties with the vl.cef webbrowser.
My mp4 Video is actually not running in the chromium browser either.
and yes. I will ask the devvvvs for support, as soon as I get there.

mp4/h264 not playing is due to missing support for proprietary codecs in the VL.CEF… packs. You’ll have to sort the licensing issues on your end, then we can help you get a working build. I’ve added info about this in the Troubleshooting section in the VL.CEF github readme.