Web cam in dx11

Anyone know, how take texture from web cam to dx11?
DX9TODX11 don’t work with videoin ex9 teture.

hi noob,

you can use this


and make a dynamic plugin, you will need the VideoinputSharp.dll dependencie which is x86 only so it’ll only work in 32 bit…

don’t remember exactly why it’s not part of the DX11 alpha build!

as i’ve seen, https://code.google.com/p/videoinputsharp/ wraps https://github.com/ofTheo/videoInput

so maybe one can recompile that stuff into a x64 or mixeed dll?

but i’m sure @vux had its reasons for staying on 32bit… maybe he can say some words about this.

the ugly way would be to render the videoin texture to a dx9renderer, then dx9texture node, and that texture to dx11 - gave me some black frames, but kindof worked…
i remember some method-naming issues with the videoIn dx11 node, but maybe I was using the wrong videoinputsharp.dll

i’m using cv image pack for that, in 64 bit tthat’s the only clean option. the 64 bit build I have is missing some processing nodes though but basics like this are working.

hey microdee
but the Videoin (CV.ImagDirectShow) use the VideoinputSharp.dll ??

there’s one which uses an other library what works on x64, i cannot remember the library name though, it’s videoin (image something)

there’s been another fix regarding DX9TODX11 in the latest dx11 pack. just tested and simply works for me with x86 and x64

with dx9todx11 it works on my side
last v4 version and dx11 pack
logitech c920 and pseye3

thx to all!)

looks like the under-underlying videoinput got x64 compatibility… https://github.com/ofTheo/videoInput/pull/19