We want you! And what do you want?

much better! :)
for now, just be a little patient, we’ll be releasing some concrete information quite soon!

I’m definitely interested and would make the trek to Frankfurt (or somewhere else?)
I’d like to meet other users, and have a couple things i could show/share.
email: vvvv ( at ) dominic harris . com


I would like to talk about:

well i’m pretty new to vvvv but it’s the most interesting thing I’ve found in nearly 8 years of doing live visuals…trying to figure out new ways of incorporate it into theatre

I would like to hear about:

all the stuff I don’t know how to do yet!

I want to show you:

theatre + opera stuff

I always wanted to meet:

jeff love and mrs mills

I can be contacted by Email:

I would like to talk about:

I²C, EIB-KNX, everything hardware related, Software APIs, DMX, shaders.
almost everything vvvv-related.

I would like to hear about:

urgently about HLSL, Shader Programming.

I want to show you:

well, i could also bring some DMXhardware with me and show some advanced DMX programming. some dimmable LEDs, CCFLs, could also bring a moving light and show controlling and simulating this.
further i could bring a faderbox, a p5 dataglove, a readable multimeter.
and perhaps i have a working multitouchscreen until then.

I always wanted to meet:

what a question.
but yes, going along with majortom, FZ.
but if somebody has peter gabriels email?

I can be contacted by Email:

msg me via my @kalle.
or try skype:vvvv4444

Sweden here! It’d be nice yeah!!!

Is it gonna be soon? or is it already passed?

In April. See the node08 website

I’d be up for coming along.

i’ll try to come, although i’m a vvvv noob :)

I would like to talk about:
architecture, design, music, art

I would like to hear about:
anything vvvv realy

I want to show you:
some art projects, rapid prototyping projects

I always wanted to meet:
all twitched arty tech heads

I can be contacted by Email: @

Great idea!

Though I’m also a newbie, I’d love to come an see all these great people doing what i want to do.

hi guys - i would like to participate at the node08 festival with one of my vvvv projects. how detailed information/documentation do you need for the registration process? … my main problem is that i am l’ bit short of time and can’t do a much detailed docu for the reg. i have a few pics about the project i want to show - you can see them here.

would be nice to get some feedback whether this pics and some text docu are enough or not.


i want to invite you all to define possible contributions and/or wanted workshop themes here:


It looks like there’s a few other newbs that would like to cover vvvv from a more basic angle (me being one of them)… Would it be out of the question to have a very basic my first Pixelshader lesson? Talking about the theory, implementation and how to take our learning further? My programming skills are minimal so it would probably need someone with a lot of patience!

A little off topic, but could we have some info about where the Node08 promotional banners at the top of come from.

what i would like to discuss at the node08 within a circle of engaged/involved user AND (Boolean) at least some vvvvdevs:

*GuideLines/Conventions for
**naming shaders
**naming wikipages e.g. for phrase relinking: see
**and some more structure related issues in general.
**for sure some related things i don’t remember right now.
for gently giving vvvv’s awake community structures to place their ideas and contributions.

dear vvvvdevs,
please notice that at least parts of the community take great effort in updating the documentation and answering upcoming vvvvorum questions.

ausserdem will ich nen orden verliehen bekommen und freibier während der node.

anyway i’m really looking forward and can’t await the node08.

best regards