We want you! And what do you want?

We want you!
For an upcoming series of workshops about generative content generation and everything vvvv-related I would like to take the opportunity to ask the community if any of you would be interested to gather in Frankfurt for some days and share your knowledge? What can you teach others or want to be teached? (sounds better then “taught”, doesn’t it?;)
Or do you want an opportunity to present a diploma thesis or any other paper you wrote? Show some of your artworks maybe? Or just hang around and finally meet all the people you know only by their screenshots of the days or some shoutbox postings.

So please compile the form below! We are looking forward to your responses!


I would like to talk about:

I would like to hear about:

I want to show you:

I always wanted to meet:

I can be contacted by Email: @

I’ve always wanted to come and visit vvvv central, just never found the time, looks like a reason to book some time off!
Im not sure what I could talk about that you dont know, but would be happy showing some of my works. I’d love to put faces to names too!
info || at || colour-burst.com

I’d love to hear some more about the more advanced aspects of 3d maths, shader programming etc

Any ideas of when your thinking of doing this?

Hi Catweasel! Thanks for the reply. But where are the posts of the other vvvv-regulars? We want all of you!
We think about the second quarter of 2008. April maybe…

More beer for me, if noone else comes ;-)
April sounds good though, its usually an inbetween gigs month!


Really nice idea !
I gonna be there mostly for learning and showing our projects
(graphics, mapping, shaders, sensors …)


Somebody said beer? :)))))))))

I know i would like to come. I am sure others would too.

It is that this kind of open polls are rearly truly and honestly welcomed. Even in inner circles. Asking directly and for some showoff and without declaring any standards acts somehow like emergency brake even for bold ones. “Let’s wait and see what others will say…” kind of thinking.

For all that and some other reasons I realy like this invitation.

Let’s see how is it going to evolve.

I would like to talk about:

thinking in 3D (not math), inspiration

I would like to hear about:

Interactivity, sensibile enviroments, new tech, inspiration…

I want to show you:

dunno yet…

I always wanted to meet:

always? Frank Zappa. well, he’s not with us anymore so… now? something related? hmmm, Ze Frank maybe?

I can be contacted by Email:

msg me here ;)


I would like to talk about:

all i know good enough: programming and dataflow, managing vvvv projects, shaders, interactive math with vvvv, making a phatt drumloop

I would like to hear about:

image processing, programming interface logic, math in general, audio programming, mind controlling visuals, concepual image composition, computer art…

I want to show you:

loud live electronic breakbeat music

I always wanted to meet:

of course everybody who is active here

I can be contacted by Email:

just message me

I second majortom; I’d love to come, but I’m not sure about the questions. Let’s see …

I would like to talk about:

Hmmm, how about the growing possibilities of ‘creative’ coding, with tools like vvvv opening up different approaches to the process?

I would like to hear about:

I’m sure you’ve got a lot of interesting things to say that I haven’t got the faintest idea about; I’d like to hear those :) Seriously, I can’t put my finger on it.

I want to show you:

Not sure either. It would have to be something that’s not on the userpage but still enticing to vvvvorkers and somehow related to the subject. That narrows it down to zero, I’m afraid.

I always wanted to meet:

All the active vvvvsers, the meso team again, and if you can abduct some people from the creative force over at Rockstar North, that would be really cool ;)

I can be contacted by Email:

Yes, right here.

Would also be very interested to come, depends on when the workshops are. Will the workshops be held in English or German - Could be hard to follow if we have that much beer :)

I would like to talk about:

vvvv to sensors/microcontrollers, ir stuff in general (more from the diy side of view), my wishlist, inspiration

I would like to hear about:

shaders, intelligent patching, vvvv to sensors/microcontrollers, open.cv integration, programming language integration, inspiration

I want to show you:

hmm, don’t know if it’s worth to show my stuff - but could bring a interactive audio/light installation with me

I always wanted to meet:

hmm, brian eno - but damm he is a max user :)

I can be contacted by Email:

7eitl0s[[[[a t]([[[a t)]]]gmx[[[[d o t]([[[d o t)]]]net;)

hi guys!
as everything is still in the flow, nothing is certain right now. we are still busy getting our bearings. But I’ll try to answer all your questions as they come up.

First the language issue: Depending on language knowledge of the speakers and the group of listeners, every language is possible. But given the expected crowd, English would be the best choice.

Second: Brian Eno. Invite him! We are not excluding anyone, just because he or she uses the “wrong” ;) software. In fact, we are very interested to see, what people can do without using vvvv.

Third: Bringing interactive installations with you. You can and please do so! And if you need anything (projectors, christmas decoration, some PCs, etc.) ask us first, maybe we have something lying around somewhere.

have I forgotten anything? If yes, I’ll get to that next posting or so. In the meantime: continue the list and have a nice day!

I can’t wait more longer…:)))

I would like to talk about:
The weather, the life, Nicolas Sarkozy…and of course how to make it more funny and interactiv with vvvv!

I would like to hear about:
anybody who has something to say…

I want to show you:
a new haircut, the underground…and an insane VJ live set!

I always wanted to meet:
Santa Claus, George Michael, Asimo, people from alpha centaury…and of course all vvvvusers!

drinking beer sounds like a good idea :) i always wanted to meet all the v4 veterans…like kalle,tonfilm,gregsn and especially ele :)

i’m definetely interested in hearing something bout vvvv development plans and shaders. and meself could talk about the dome project, giving an insight of what we’ve done…or other projects. let’s see next year.

contact: chris(äht)wirmachenbunt.de

Hi there ,

i,d like to join to this event , meet and talk about interesting vvvv staff ,visit germany and enjoy weissbier ,
i can be contacted at audiomedias@gmail.com
i,ll see you there ;D

no more interested people around here? Only 8 people giving feedback seems to be a little few…
This would be kind of a sad vvvv user community meeting…

how sad? i’m sure that even just these 8 people are more than enough to make another step in our walk…
we are an avant-garde, not a mass-movement
if u know about kandinsky’s triangle, well we stay right ahead


I would like to talk about:

nature and technology, and how technology can improve and sensitize our relationship with everything that surround us

I would like to hear about:

as above-mentioned plus vvvv development plans

I want to show you:

of course my thesis project wiiwiiwiiwii
and maybe some live visuals… i was thinkin, there could be a contest or something like that

I always wanted to meet:

clever artists

I can be contacted by Email:

message me here on the vvvviki


hello i am tasos , artist(painter) from greece, last months i explore vvvv…

I would like to talk about:art ,technology, music ,vvvv

I would like to hear about:vvvv, music, technology, art

I want to show you:my drawings

I always wanted to meet:vvvv artists

I can be contacted by Email: tasoslizos@yahoo.com

I would like to talk about:

Ehh… think the Rico’s project can fill a massive 4 minutes off every ones live. (The mixture off the diverse protocols used)

I would like to hear about:

3D and Shader stuff.

I want to show you:


I always wanted to meet:

Every one mentioned HERE

I can be contacted by Email: Westbam @@@@ Gmail.com

Have to say, even if there were only a few, some informal chats and some workshops would be very interesting, as would seeing everyones work in motion instead of as still frames!
I can do some talking about interface I think, I’ve built a few now.

Hi,this idea is very exciting.

I’m sure some friends that’s are more into max/msp would come with me. Maybe if i have some chance we could bring a lemur interface to play with it. I’m sure a lot of ppl are just learning the basics (as me) and are too shy to give an answer there. But i’m sure it could be a great meeting.

I would like to talk about:
Life, generative art, future, past, VVVV and all that i can share.

I would like to hear about:
Shaders, 3D, VVVV orientation.
Everything that push up everyone there into VVVV
Projects from other PPL.

I want to show you:
Depends of what i’ll be able to achieve when the event will occur. Maybe nothing maybe some audio generative patches if i’m proud of the result.

I always wanted to meet:
All of you.

I can be contacted by Email:
here with a high PM’s priority

Kind of concert, hardware exhibition, live visual could be great. As an large panel of VVVV’s diversity

I’m interesting.

I would like to hear about: vvvv

I always wanted to meet: all of you

I can be contacted by Email: paolacaracola@@gmail.com