'we need to talk'

Can we have an online meeting sometime about community involvement in vvvv-sdk?

Arguably, (EDIT) we could identify issues with the way things are working at the moment. I feel that to effectively collaborate on this vvvv-sdk repo, it’d be great to have an open community discussion about how it is managed.

It’d be ideal to get a set of big contributors (e.g. vux, woei, etc, too many to mention), elias and 1 or 2 other core developers present.

talking points (will add here)

  • The GPL license on vvvv-sdk
  • Errors with github
  • Avoiding redundancy
  • Strategy

huh, sounds serious…you know where are listening on irc 24/7. haven’t heard of any particular problems recently…

but of course if you wanna organize a bigger meetup…devvvvs are usually non-idle from 14h to 24h CET. so name your time and date…

and just to clarify: only core parts of the vvvv-sdk are under GPL, user contributed stuff is under individual licensing, mostly LGPL. as detailed here.

and concerning the other points (Errors with github, Avoiding redundancy, Strategy) would be great if you could go into some detail so interested participants can prepare…(at least i have no idea what you mean there).

hey joreg!

24/7 would be great. I’m often in (e.g. all today), and there’s no chatter or core devs home. i’ll be off to korea again soon so will be missing the chat times of day completely again :(.

I’d noted before about the GPL only being the ‘core’, but since we’re necessarily dynamically linking that in all our plugins, that would (according to the people who wrote GPL) mean all our plugins would also be subject to GPL. Anyway, it’s worth chatting about as it affects our code even if your intention is for it not to.

I’m experiencing lots of headaches with the git setup at the moment, they’re definitely improving but would like to be part of a discussion on this as we continue to discover issues.

In openFrameworks with lots of people developing addons in seperate repos, there’s often redundancy issues (many version of essentially the same addon, which is acceptable as people have different requirements, visions). Since we’re all in the same repo that’s kind of ‘unacceptable’ here. Again, not a biggie right now, but worth chatting about.

I’d also like to propose a (perhaps unofficial) mailing list for VVVV contributors to make a more concrete online discussion between us ‘2nd tier’ developers about what we’d like to create. I don’t check the alpha forum enough / there isn’t enough chatter there / mailing lists give richer conversations for these types of incentives.

continued: developer-meetup-on-irc