Waveplayer hyper buggy here. crashes vvvv all the time when using multiple instances in combination with FFT. one instance of the node seems to be ok most of the time, also when heavily spreaded. as soon as i start working with multiple nodes, vvvv crashes. tested on two computers with similiar hardware (mbp) on vista + xp.

maybe someone else can test this: create two waveplayer nodes. connect the first to FFT. as soon as the second one is connected to another FFT or AudioOut… boom! …no more vvvv.

same here. (vista on a real computer.)

Waveplayer already enabled when connecting?

DirectShow is somehow itchy here.
but for sure this shouldn’t cause a crash.

Try the attached file by putting it in the vvvv/bin-folder.Before that cut-out the old Waveplayer.ax and store it somewhere. Please report if it is working or not.

WavePlayer.ax (151.6 kB)

seems to work. but. when the waveplayer gets connected to the FFT, vvvv eats 50+ percent of my core2 2.4ghz CPU. two or more instances of wp are even more hungry. 80-95% cpu usage. so still not usable.