I am trying to play a multichannel (4) wav file with the waveplayer node.

When I play the file with a windows player, I get two channels by the output 1 (green) and the others two channels by the output 2 (black) so it works great. But when I play the same file with the waveplayer node I get the same channels by both outputs. I have tried to route all the channels to any of the 17 speakers that can be configured with the routing pin but I can’t get sound for my rear speakers.

My card is a SB Live! Mey I need to configure vvvv in some way to let it manage 5.1 soundcards? I attach the sample file.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Flacoloco, where did you hide the samplefile?

could be fixed for beta>17. please report back if problem persits.