Waveplayer not working/crashes

Hi devvvvs,

I need to use waveplayer under beta 28.1. Everything’s working fine until I change file names on the fly…then vvvv crashes.

Also waveplayer node isn’t working with latest betas/alphas!
check the helpfile!

anyone to confirm this?

32bit ok here I think 64 is the culprit

32bit version here as well.
Tested on different machines, same behaviors. Strange
I suspect the crashes under 28.1 to be fileformats related.
investigating further on.

Same here, I have one *.wav - file that crashes vvvv. (It’s beta 29.2 32bit). It might be the case that the file is somehow corrupt though it plays fine in vlc SA.

c’mon ppl aif and bass…

Yup. WavePlayer not working at all on 29.2 or 29 and crashes when I load in a new file on 27.1. Any thoughts on this?

unti, can you upload that file somewhere?

Seem to have the same problem on beta 33.3 x86. I can send you our *.wav if needed, but seem to be able to also reproduce it with \lib\assets\sounds folder.

Windows 8.1 64 bit here.

WaveCrash.v4p (6.4 kB)

Yep, wave player likes spreading and not switching!