WavePlayer crashes when no audio driver?


On a project (which I have to release in 10 days), I need 3 PC boygrouped :

  • 1 master
  • 1 client doing detection (with Trautner)
  • 1 client doing outputs (renderer and sound).
    My problem is that vvvv crashes at each startup on the detection machine only.

When I delete the Waveplayer node, it doesn’t crash anymore.
After a successful startup without Waveplayer, it doesn’t crash when I put again Waveplayer, but I have the following TTY message : “ERR : Error setting audio properties in AudioOut”
Moreover I have a Nil in the output pin “Routing info” of Waveplayer.

I suspect the problem could be around the audio drivers of the detection PC. The acquisition card (for cameras) of this PC needs wdm drivers to be usable in vvvv, but there are video AND audio drivers. These audio drivers (Conexant’s BtPCI), which I can’t remove, seem incompatible with the audio driver of the built-in soundcard (Realtek HD) since Windows tells me I have no sound device installed. In theory, this doesn’t bother me since this PC doesn’t deal with sound, but Waveplayer seems to think not like me…

Is somebody have an idea to help me ?
Thank you !


Precisions :
1/ On the master PC and the detection PC, I “disable” the sound part in

  • giving a sound file almost empty (1" of no sound) since I read somewhere that nodes like Waveplayer doesn’t like to have empty filenames
  • stopping the signals going into the play input
    Is there a smart way to really disable Waveplayer and/or AudioOut ?
    2/ I need Waveplayer, to have the possibility to play simultaneous sounds.
    3/ I believe I can not have other drivers for the acquisition card (I already had very hard time to find them) and I can not really change the hardware 10 days before the release of the project)
    4/ I’m still using 40beta23

try bass nodes

I don’t find any bass nodes playing simultaneous files like Waveplayer

helo matthieu,

cannot help you with the waveplayer crashing on a pc without audiodrivers installed. but in your setup i don’t see the reason for a boygroup at all.

if you’d just have the two pcs. one does the trautner and sends info via udp to the renderer/soundplayer. wouldn’t that do (and work around your troubles)?


Indeed, you’re right, I don’t need boygrouping !
In my (mis)understanding, I believed “more than 1 PC ==> need boygroup”.
While as the name tells, it is relevant only for similar tasks on multi PC, isn’t it ?

As usual, you save me.
Thank you !!