Want to use Medialooks Multigraph video capture source


I’m trying to use Medialooks Multigraph video capture source with vvvv. Multigraph video capture source appear in the VideoIn device list but I’m not able to use it. what’s the problem?



halo thiv.

sory. that is not so easy. medialooks multigraph-thing does not just work like a traditional capture source. it would need some extra programming in vvvv before that thing works.

it doesn’t actually look simple to integrate on a first glimpse. but if you reallyreally need it and want to pay for that as a new feature in vvvv let us know.

We hope that using medialooks directshow filter permitte to us to work differently with medias and captures cards. We have a lot of problems with differents streams timing in vvvv renderer.

What do you think about using Medialooks multigraph to join all our sources in a divided mode and after, display each source in vvvv mapping an unique texture coming from this medialooks video capture source? Doing that we think we will resolve differents video texture timing problems in vvvv.

We hope to use vvvv for commercial end as soon as we resolve these problems.

Pay a license or some extra programming seems to be normal for us but today we wait for the end of our project. It’s not so far.

What about compiling vvvv patchs?


i can’t say anything about medialooks integration in vvvv. would really have to take a deeper look at it. what is your actual desired setup?

What about compiling vvvv patchs?
what do you expect from compiled patches?

what is your actual desired setup?
I would like to be able to recover video flow coming from the “Video In” node (Medialooks Multigraph Video device).

In GraphEdit I’ve connected 3 flows (holo3D, phynx, Media) using “Medialooks Mixer” directshow filter inputs (quad mode) and I sent the output of the mixer to the “Medialooks Multigraph Video” device using the “Medialooks Multigraph Sink” (a kind of video send).
Using MPClassic I can display the output of the mixer selecting “Medialooks Multigraph Video” in the device list but not with vvvv.

Compiled patches would allow to lock and solidarize an entire project if we want to setup differents computers (Boygrouped Clients in the futur). And maybe better performance?

uh. interesting. if mpc can show the stream vvvv should be also able to show it. i’ll check that. maybe it is easier than i thought…

“…solidarize an entire project…”
what is solidarize?
locking could also be realized differently…

concerning better performance. yes maybe, but that would mean a major rework of the vvvv kernel and is therefore not to be expected soon.

@Compiled patches
i think there are two things to be differentiated:

  • having a whole project in one file (e.g. a zip file) is one thing. i think this is desirable, and not fundamentally complicated. just a lot of work. so no date is given.
  • compiling a vvvv patch in the classical sense would mean a major rework of the main engine. But the basic control flow in vvvv is already quite efficient and will not improve much by means of compiling. On the other side there are still some massive performance improvements possible by skipping redundant calculations and optimizing memory usage.

Thank you guys.


strange. i cannot get it to work with mpc, it crashes like vvvv. it works for me with two instances of graphedit though. but even there playback is very jerky.

i’ve contacted medialooks about my problems. we’ll see…

hi joreg,

we’ve sent an updated version of the multigraph sink/source to you some time ago. have you received it?

Andrew (MediaLooks)

is it the multigraph sink source update version 2.034 ?

i’ve found andrews mail in my spamfolder. no success so far though…

do you have news about medialooks ?

no. haven’t heard anything back from them. maybe they have a newer version. you wanna try?

it is always the same version

Just a brief update. As far as I know, the issue has been resolved.


I confirm, it is ok