Walking Ants in flash

in the patch attached there are some ants that walk.
I would like and I don’t succeed in reproducing alone the effect of the file swf.
when the mouse (or contour) draws near to their ants they escape (even multitouch).
how the file flash can be modified, to insert some variables X Y?

or to reproduce all in vvvv.

thanks thousand (64.7 kB)

Hi paolopix,

did you check already Renderer Flash doc page or flash renderer help patch?
As far as I know you need a defined var at _root inside your flash, which you can set from outside by flash renderer pins.
But not sure how it is with Flash 9. Check vvvvorums please. There have been some postings about this recently.

as3 does not work, only as2 !

an expert in actionscript has modified the file flash.
now I have two variables that point out x and y but I don’t understand that values to give for making to move them.
do you know how to help me?
I attach the new files (64.5 kB)