Vvvvrocks + flash problems

Just sitting preparing (last-last-minute) some visuals for the Club Transmediale opening tomorrow and found to my delight that even Flash 7 swfs with scripting and interaction work in the Flash Renderer. wonderful. Praise be the vvvv gods yet again.

It works pretty smooth, allowing me full-screen flash etc, but I found the following puzzling problem:

I can’t see tooltips or right-click to change values when the Flash Render window is in full-screen mode (on an external screen). I can move nodes around but not change their values. Even changing things in the Inspektor is impossible. So in this mode I can do great Flash playback, but I can’t even change the files which is a bit of a shame.

Oh well, that’s what multiple laptops are for, I guess… :)

I see there’s lots of goodies in 33beta8.1 that I need to explore. Good work, guys, I’ll be representing the V4 massive tomorrow!

halo amoeba.

hope we manage to meet this time since we didn’t at ars electronica.

nice to hear that flash renderer works so well for you. we implemented it once but never really tried it out. so its not gods here, but just lucky guys.

and now let me tell you a secret:
we are currently reworking all that fullscreenbehavior of vvvv renderers. and during. if it works out as we plan…wohoow…this could bring us all some fun with our dual (or even tripple/quad) heads…sorry i’m losing the path. anyway i was going through some old code today and there was a line that read something like:
UpdateView = not IsFullscreen
hmm. i don’t want to promise anything yet…but what this line wants to tell you, is: that if something in vvvv is fullscreen the rest of the view is no longer updated. an in the middle clickmouse menu there is a shortcut (iirc: Alt+U) that lets you toggle updateview.

looking forward to your performance.

thanks for the help, joreg.

the visuals went ok, I’m not sure I did full justice to the potential of V4 due to everything being vvvvery last minute. typical deadline snafu, I was coding stuff in the vj booth while the show happened… but I guess it was ok.

anyway, I’ll be around Maria for some more nights, if someone wants to meet up let me know!