VVVVnewbieQuestion - Recursion?

Hello everybody,

I’ve been using VVVV for a week now and as much as I’d love to jump into more advanced 3d audioreactive generative stuff I’ve decided to start out with really basic stuff. Oh, do I ever love GDI Renderer.

So, I do understand pretty much how arrays/spreads work but there are still times when I miss Processing’s if-for-then-i+±headExplodesTryingToFigureItOut -stuff. I know there are things like framedelayloops and Counter but I couldn’t figure out how to recreate this exercise from Daniel Shiffman under VVVV.

I’d really appreciate if some of you more advanced users could help me out.


this can be patched, for the record i made a quick patch for you. but this would be a quick dynamic plugin with almost the same code. only instead of drawing a line in the plugin, you would output the position data and use it in a patch to draw the lines.

recursion.v4p (23.4 kB)

Holy Cr*p Tonfilm, this opens a new world for me!! Nice…

Also funny to look at vux pluginsstructuresynth from Uncle Vux :) Should come with the plugin pack.