VVVVirmata output pins not working

Looking at Arduino node in 28.1 addon pack.
Set all pins to OUTPUT and value 1 and have been testing the board with a led.
The problem is that pins from 0 to 7 don’t work.
Arduino UNO with StandardFirmata 2.2 uploaded.

Anyone got it working?

u sure you feed in the right spreadcount of settings and values. refer to the helppatch.

it does work, ppl got it even working with a arduino mega which has far more outputs.

I’m using modified help patch.
It would be logical if the first pins worked but in my case the first 7 pins don’t work o.O And I’m sure they are not broken because I tested them with a Processing patch.

your modification is probably not right, as i said before, your spreadcount of settings and input is equivalent to the settings of firmata(encode/decode) ?

if in doubt, please read all the instructions in the help and look inside the module, check the encode/decode plugins with the inspektor

posting your patch might help

Here’s my patch. As you see I haven’t changed much in help patch.
And on the photo what I am getting with StandardFirmata from arduino ide 1.0.1 uploaded. All the leds work, I got another vvvv/arduino patch to test that.

What am I doing wrong?

Arduino (Devices StandardFirmata 2.x) test.v4p (25.5 kB)

ok, i tested all outputs again with your patch and it just works. there is only one thing i can think of. please do not use port 0 and 1 (tx/rx) since they are connected to the serial interface (do not connect a LED to it). thats not a vvvv limitation but a arduino.

edit: and follow some rules, check your circuit, don’t mess with connections while the software is running. just test one led, output pin by output pin.

allOn.v4p (19.2 kB)