VVVVelcome to the new Forum

helo evvvveryone,

here is a quick overview of the new forum:

please read before heading further. then let us know what you think…


Cool, Looks good and nice that all the previous history is migrated :D

Seems like more padding and less info per screen. Really don’t like the drop-down banner at top when scrolling, eats up screen space with little benefit. I use vvvv on a desktop, not my phone, so the mobile interface is really out of place.

agree with @mediadog!
it’s just eating up space…

I’m with mediadog that there’s less information per screen and also think there are more distracting visual elements on the page.

Hoping the new forum will evolve visually with maybe some inspiration from old forums focusing on readability and less visual clutter.

I’m agree too. padding makes more then 50% in desktop mode.
footer could be more compact.

I got to say I feel the additional padding makes posts easier to distinguish, hence increases readability.
Especially I think there is little visual clutter, clear functional icons, I can’t complain.
Only thing I can also see is the footer is a bit bulky, but then again it’s just the info needed.

Overall, I’d say big up in readability!


we had a little discussion about the usability of the new forum on irc … we couldn’t come up with a general solution everyone seems to be overly happy about, so the current fix (for me) is to apply local css.
Guess there’s a way to use your browser’s builtin developer tools, but I was too lazy and decided to install a chrome extension (“Stylish”).
Here’s some lines of css that fixes the overview for me, so I can finally start using the forum again. Really liked the old style way more over the new one so here you go:

.topic-list>tbody>tr:nth-child(2n) {
background-color: #eee;

.topic-list .main-link {
font-size: 1em;

.topic-list .posters {
display: none;

Found some more nuisances which I’ll (locally) fix if I find some time, or maybe we can agree on some default eventually…

@readme Yes, looks way better. Any chances to remove drop-down banner?

The one showing up on the top when scrolling down a topic?

.docked .d-header {
display: none;

Thanks @readme.

a little bugger:

when i reply myself on a topic it is marked as new and has this little blue badge with a 1

@sebl this should probably also be reported @ meta.discourse.org. I’m assuming they have some kind of reason for doing it this way though…

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