Vvvv9.10: boygrouped dx9 renderer doesnt show up on a client


at x-mass i had a little vj gig, and i thought i use the new version. i was so stupid and havent tested the boygrouping-feature in v9.10 at home before the gig.

ok it doesnt work for me. the boygroup -node on the server side shows, that the connection is etablished. but nothing is shown on the client. i dont now if the patch isnt mirrored on the client, or if just the renderer isnt showed up on the client. i suppose it the last, but i havent had the time to test that exactly.

i used beta 9.2 then and voila: boygrouping the same patch worked there without problems.

my machines:
server: shuttle xpc with an asus nvidia 6600 GT
client: eigenbau with an radeon 9800 pro

does boygrouping work for you?

no. not at all. tooooo sad.

can acknowledge that. no showing up of whatever on boygroup clients. although server says connected.

nkay. sory for that. will be fixed for the next release.

a workaround for now could be creating a patch with only a renderer on the clients. now connect a Receiver to each input you want to connect. on the server create a corresponding sender that you boygroup. now you should be able to select the channel on the clients…

hmm…not so cool.
what about the fullscreenpin on the renderer? if you set it to 1 on the server dont the clients go fullscreen?

oder you could mess around with SetPatch (VVVV). sending a fullscreen/windowed-message (someone fiddle that out of a .v4p file) to the renderer could also do…

positive houston. we’ve got contact ! on fullscreen the clients show the desired material. windowed mode doesnt seem to work…

cleared for landing. thanks for letting us know.

good to hear !

someone probably asked that before…couldnt find the right thread:

is it possible to have the renderer only appear on the client ? like when i set the renderer to fullscreen, the server goes fullscreen too because the renderer gets excecuted there as well…

Boygroup (Client) outputs 0…X for clients 0…X and X+1 for the server.

With a x+1-spreaded IOBox in Toggle-Mode and Boygroup(Client) connected to GetSlice and GetSlice connected to the Fullscreen-Pin of the renderer you can switch on/off fullscreen on each renderer and the server.

(at least I think it worked like this … cant test it at the moment)


boygroup_fullscreen.jpg (15.9 kB)

not working…mmm…am i too stupid. i don’t get the functionality of boygroup (client). can someone provide a patch which works on their setup ?

using the girlpower takethat reproduces the same…only the server responds to boygroup client but not the client…anyone ?

what i’m trying to do is having the same quad with different sizes on each client just to understand the boygrouping business. let’s say quad normal size on the server, client with slightly stretched quad and the next client even more deformed quad.


sorry - it was not correct what I posted in my previous post.

Now back on some networked PCs, I checked what I wrote.

The “x+1” thing does not work - you have to set the server ID by hand on the Boygroup(client) node.

Attached you find a little (hopefully more or less self-explaining) patch.

Sorry for the confusion !


Boygroup_test.v4p (13.4 kB)

he, i got that myself finally and also wrote a post…which is lost somehow…probably me not pressing save.

ur patch could be one essential help patch regarding boygrouping. cheers !