Vvvv45 and vvvv50 documentation


does it make any sense to keep on translating or updating translations of vvvv45 documentation - if not for completeness itself?

@@robotanton: I see that you took the “docs maintenance” in your hands, so probably you’re the one to ask this.
Given the numerous changes in vvvv50, I guess and, honestly, hope that you and the devvvvs are planning to release English documentation for vvvv50 as soon as it is published - which, as @tonfilm)) and ((user:Elias said, it could be for Node15 -.
Is it possible to have those texts, maybe even just a few basic ones, a few days before vvvv50 release, so that whoever may be interested can translate them, giving immediately translated resources to whom has not familiarity with English?
In my case I’d take the time to translate everything as accurately as possible for vvvv50 release, with a few days of time.
Thank you.

hei h99,

for completeness it still makes sense. we’re also still planning to create some more 45 documentation. it also helps us to structure/organize get an idea of whats needed for 50 documentation.

thanks for your continued efforts on translation but i am afraid we’ll likely not be able to provide 50 doc prior to release. we’ll try not to be 10 years late this time but probably won’t make it before the actual release.

I find that the v4 parasitic design pack
is very helpful in understanding how the software works.
I imagine that if v50 comes out with such pack it would be easier to transition to it.


Thank you.