Vvvv x msp


I´m a vj looking for high customization of my videos. To make generative videos and video instalations using sensors and midi.
My doubt is: what would be the best software for doing this? vvvv or max msp?
I new to both of them and don´t know their limitations/advantages. So, does anyone that had already used both of them can explain the main differences?


Vj 1mpar

i did actually switch from max/msp/jitter to v4, my reasons are mainly performance ,usability and the lovely v4 community. sure max provides a vast environment for programming lot’s of applications but as max tries to cover all media more or less, it’s not as specialized to visual stuff as v4 is.

the big advantage for me is the easy handling of a multitude of objects (spreads) and the whole direct x universe. furthermore, after overcoming the ‘weird’ v4 interface it feels more intuitive than max. for example creating a new node by just doubleclicking at the workspace. when i now work with max unconsciously i do the doubleclick thing as well…which obviosuly doesn’t work in max ;)

another advantage is the shader business which can provide similar effects like jitter does but not for the cost of cpu usage cos it’s all managed by the graphicscard.

vvvv is perfect for vjing and very fast , max is more oriented sound and the pc release is not so stable , and v4 is free for artistic use.